Early Intervention

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This course, presented by Christopher Alexander from the Ohio Department of Health, is a brief overview of the activities of the Ohio Department of Health in regard to childhood lead poisoning in Ohio.

Due to new activities related to providing services to children with confirmed elevated blood lead levels, this presentation is designed to bring more understanding on lead poisoning activities in Ohio to those providing that service.


The in-person training hosted by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Early Intervention team are listed here. Once enrolled in this training page, learners can view dates, times, and register for upcoming in-person training.


Available Topics

Advanced Reflective Supervison

Building on the principles of Reflective Supervision, this course will be a "how-to" for implementing the principles in everyday practice. Both new and experienced Early Intervention Supervisors and Early Intervention Service Coordination Supervisors are welcome to attend.

Battelle Developmental Inventory-2

This training, instructed by Robert Gallen, Ph.D., covers topics such as learning how to administer the Battelle 2 Developmental Inventory, discussing the purpose of the evaluation tool in the Help Me Grow system, and how to imterept the results of the evaluation tool.

Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development-3

This training will discuss the purpose of the Bayley-3 in Early Intervention and teach participants how to administer the tool. Participants will also learn how to interpret the results and to use the Bayley-3 in everyday practice.

Operation Street Smart

Operation Street Smart is a collaboration between D.A.R.E. and the Special Investigations Unit, the Franklin Co Sheriff's Office undercover narcotics branch. The goal of the training is to provide up-to-date narcotics information on trends, terminology, paraphernalia, and physiological effects of substance use and addiction.

Regional Rule Training 2019

These in-person training sessions are regional and will be practical, interactive sessions with specific scenarios to apply the new Early Intervention rules and deepen understanding.

Routines Based Interview (RBI)

This training, instructed by Debbie Ashley, M.Ed., provides instruction on administering the RBI tool for child and family assessment. It offers guidance on interviewing techniques and eco-mapping, and provided participants with practice using both eco-mapping and the RBI tool.

This course reviews the new Early Intervention forms, including the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Overview.


This course reviews Ohio's revised Early Intervention rules effective July 1, 2019


This course reviews the importance of documenting quality case notes in Early Intervention. It will cover topics such as the components of high-quality case notes and documentation best practices.


This course explores the characteristics of natural learning environments (NLE) in EI. You will explore the importance of everyday activity settings as learning opportunities and the roles of child interests and parent responsiveness.


Completion of these courses meet the professional development requirements in the Ohio Early Intervention Rule 5123-10-04 toward the Early Intervention Service Coordinator or Early Intervention Service Coordination Supervisor one-year or five-year credential.

Introduction to Early Intervention Services EI-064

This course provides learners with an overview of Ohio Early Intervention rules and laws, and walks a new service coordinator through the responsibilities of a well-informed, evidence-based practitioner.


Mission and Key Principles of Early Intervention EI-068

This course reviews the mission and key principles of Early Intervention services.


Family-Centered Early Intervention Practices EI-069

This course reviews characteristics of family-centered help-giving practices.


Individualized Family Service Plan Overview EI-065

This course reviews the Individualized Family Service Plan form EI-04.


Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect EI-067

This course reviews the reporting requirements for mandated reporting in Ohio Revised Code 2151.421, Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect.


Service Coordination Duties and Processes EI-070

This course focuses on the duties and responsibilities of EI service coordinators, and consists of a series of short modules that give a brief overview of the different aspects of Early Intervention service coordination.


Infant and Toddler Development EI-071

This course provides Early Intervention service coordinators with opportunities to observe and assess children’s level of functional behavior within everyday activities and routines, including information about child outcomes summary process


Parent Rights and Procedural Safeguards in Early Intervention EI066

This course reviews Parent Rights and the procedural safeguards that protect the rights of infants, toddlers, and parents in Early Intervention.


This webinar, presented by Dr. Robert Gallen, PhD, IMH-E(IV) and Dr. Jennifer Willford, PhD, was originally recorded on August 23, 2018. Learn about the scope of the opioid problem by understanding what opioids are, what effects they have on the body, and their impact on parents, infants, and the infant-parent relationship.


This course reviews Parent Rights and the procedural safeguards that protect the rights of infants, toddlers, and parents in Early Intervention.


This course instructs teams in how to implement the Primary Service Provider (PSP) approach. It discusses the role of the PSP and the secondary provider during joint visits, the roles of leadership and staff in moving towards this approach, and the procedures for supporting staff in using the approach at team meetings.


Certain modules within this course are being piloted to a select group of Early Intervention service cordinators. This blended learning course includes eight modules and contains activities such as interactive lessons, in-person training sessions, and online assignment.

This course is currently available only to pre-selected service coordinators, and an enrollment code is required to access.

Module One - Building Rapport is now available to all service coordinators to enroll in and sign up for the in-person training July 10, 2019.

MODULE ONE - Building Rapport EI-021

MODULE TWO - First 45 Days in Early Intervention EI-041

MODULE THREE - Child Outcome Summary EI-042

MODULE FOUR - Monitoring Service Delivery EI-043

MODULE FIVE - Transition EI-044

MODULE SIX - Roles of the Service Coordinator on the Team EI-045

MODULE SEVEN - Compliance EI-046 (coming soon)

MODULE EIGHT - Special Topics EI-047 (coming soon)