This course describes how Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, the Ohio Department of Transportation, and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities work together to support the needs of people the agencies support. It also discusses how to find local resources for transportation needs.

This course reviews how professionals can promote informed choice for transition-age youth and adults by guiding open discussion, sharing information about the benefits of community employment, facilitating experiences that help people understand their employment options, and coordinating employment resources that move a person along their path to community employment. 

This training introduces integrated employment services, through covering the topics of the Plan, Match, Support model, customized employment, the discovery process, social capital, the elements of job analysis, the role of a job coach, employer engagement, including establishing relationships, keys to successful communication, and best practices.

The "Meaningful Day" webinar series is presented by Sara Murphy, Director of WorkLink, TransCen’s San Francisco-based employment program.

An introduction to the competencies for effective Supported Employment.